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Top 25 "Humans of…" Facebook Pages You Should Follow

Top 25 “Humans of…” Facebook Pages You Should Follow

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I can still recall when the Facebook based photo blog ‘Humans of New York (HONY)’ go viral around the world right after the book published under the same name by founder of the blog Brandon Stanton in 2013 October. New York Street photographer and blogger Brandon Stanton was keen to take portraits of people on streets of world’s most popular city of New York, his aim was to share the stories of people living in this business city with the people across the world.

His passion and determination later took him to visit several other countries around the world including my very own homeland Pakistan back in August 2015. From Pakistan he shared heart touching stories of people of Pakistan. And, by placing the developing South Asian nation into the global frame of positivity, during his trip his photos helped raise more than $2.3 million to free bonded brick workers.

In just few days of posting picture of Bonded Labor Liberation Front group’s founder Syeda Ghulam Fatima, tens of thousands of people have donated money to the Bonded Labor Liberation Front, a small organization in Lahore that works to end bonded labor in Pakistan.

Today I’ve also decided to start another photo and video blog “Humans of Indo-Pak”, inspired by the ‘Humans of New York (HONY)’. During these tense times of unrest between world’s two nuclear powers India and Pakistan, after ‘Uri Attack’ in which several Indian soldiers including four terrorists killed. Historic rivalry between India and Pakistan is just sparked one more time after this terrorist attack.

Beside that I’ve also researched a bit today for my blog readers and sharing a list of 25 must Like and Follow Facebook “Humans of ” Pages’ on the same pattern of HONY. Most of these pages have already fan following in thousands and all of these pages are sharing some great and amazing stories of real people from every corner of this planet world.

Here in my post today I am sharing some of very interesting top 25 “Humans of” Facebook pages with all of you. And before going to follow pages, I really recommend you to watch struggle of Brandon Stanton before becoming a global celebrity.


An Indian ode: Dear Girl From Pakistan

An Indian ode: Dear Girl From Pakistan

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Dear Girl from Pakistan,
Look, I’m not here to start a fight.
I just wanted to say Hi!
I know it has taken me 69 long years but I hope it’s not too late for me to say,
Forget about what’s in the news
Tell me, how was your day?

Watch this ode by an Indian girl: ‘Dear girl from Pakistan, I hope it’s not too late to say this…’

Dehli Poetry Slam YouTube channel last month has released a heart-touching poem ‘Dear Girl from Pakistan!’ by Delhi-based softhearted poet Shivani Gupta.

Her motions and thought provoking monologue in the slam poem speaks to a Pakistani common girl, Shivani Gupta moves the hearts of every Pakistani and Indian soul by throwing light on the relationship between the two historic rivals of Asia. Her attempt to interact and communicate with a neighboring strange girl in Pakistan is very loud and very deep towards people of nations separated on the basis of Two-Nation Theory in 1947, but shares the similar social bond.

Who is Shivani Gupta?

A psychologist by profession, Gupta got inspired by slam poetry when she began watching videos of slam poetry performances on YouTube two years ago. But it was only until a year ago that she performed in public at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2015 for very the first time. From thereon, the twenty-two year old psychologist initiated an open mic night in Chennai, India.

With a colorful background in psychology, research, dance, choreography and theater, Gupta states that she was inspired to pen her poem in Edinburgh when she was hanging out with new friends from different backgrounds and nationalities one evening after a spoken-word event.

An Indian ode: Dear Girl From Pakistan

"Dear Girl from Pakistan,
Namaste. Adab. Asamalequm.
Did I not say it right?
Look, I’m not here to start a fight.
I just wanted to say Hi!
How are you?
I know nothing about you
Except that all we’re separated by is a border not created by us
A bus goes from my country to yours
That’s how close we are
A bus goes from my country to yours
And that's how far
I’ve seen you through the words of Khaled Hosseni and Salman Rushdee
Are you anything like me?
Do you think we’re enemies?
Believe me when I tell you that word doesn’t exist in my dictionary
And if it did, it would have nothing to do with your country.
Do you listen to songs and wish that they were the sound track to your life too?
And your favorite movie be your story, I know I do!
You know my favorite film? The inspirational one about patriotism.
Do your eyes dream dreams as unfathomable as mine?
Do you ever think of what it would be like to cross over and come to my side?
I'm sorry
I am sorry that without so much as a second thought
I say the words your country and my side
And all that’s left that is ours is a common divide.
I am sorry that even my pronouns are possessive,
Obsessive with a need to demarcate our partition I have a confession.
I wish I knew you better
What’s does the world look like from your eyes?
Did you also play eye spy as a child?
What did you see?
Maybe you saw the reflection of a girl who was a lot like me.
I am sorry because all I have to give you is an apology.
Not even a real conversation.
Because until now I was so worried about our gap of communication.
Treating you, unlike the long lost cousin that you are
But as someone I wouldn’t want to know even from afar.
I am sorry
I didn't mean it
Dear girl from Pakistan!
I know it has taken me 69 long years but I hope it’s not too late for me to say
Forget about what’s in the news

Tell me, how was your day?"

− Shivani Gupta